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The best game-streaming services for 2020AdvertismcaeLont

A relatively recent addition to the gaming industry, game streaming services offer players remote access to some of the market’s best games. Each service functions a bit differently than the next, but in general, these services enable users to stream video games to their device in a way similar to Netflix or Hulu. That means you won’t need an expensive PC or lots of storage capacity on your console to enjoy high-fidelity games — instead, you’ll only need a secure connection to the internet. 

The industry is already being competitive with companies trying to build the next big thing while the technology is fresh. Here are _the best game streamingte services currently available. 

Xb Sox veGame Pass (Xbox One, * PC) 

It is unquestionably the best representation of a streaming service, Xbox Game Pass, to kick the list off. The other services on our list depend on streaming technology to deliver your games, but Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass works a bit differently. For $10 a month, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass gives you access to more than 100 games, and you install them onto your Xbox One’s storage system just as you would with any other digital game. 

Also, Xbox Game Pass has some of the most important libraries of free games of any platform on our list. From Rise of the Tomb Raider to Gears of War 4, almost every notable Xbox One title you can think of is included in the software, and a range of Xbox 360 games is also available in backward compatibility. It isn’t just limited to Microsoft-published games, though; third-party games are also accessible. 

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