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Model Corinna Kopf Announces a $4.2 million Paycheck From OnlyFansAdvertisment

Corinna Kopf, a YouTuber and Facebook Gaming broadcaster, has made a lot of money through OnlyFans after joining the site just under two months ago.

In a vlog, Corrina Kopf announced to fellow YouTuber David Dobrik that smyhe had earned $4.2 million since launching OnlyFans.

Model Corinna Kopf Announces a $4.2 million Paycheck From OnlyFans

“It’s not as insane as you may imagine,” she said. “Well, it’s insane, but like… $4.2 million.”

OnlyFans is a popular content-sharing site _for sex workers and other producers who publish obscene photographs and videos and earn money from viewers who subscribe to their material.


She went on to say that her first topless photo earned her $165,000 wealthier.

She was already making more than $100,000 a month from her Instagram account alone when she joined OnlyFans in June. Within 48 hours, she had made $1 million from the site. 

Model Corinna Kopf Announces a $4.2 million Paycheck From OnlyFansAll the rights belong deto the original creator of the content

All of this comes only a few months after Kopf revealed to Fimortnite streamer Clix that she earns six figures a month from her traditional revenue sources, implying that Kopf is one of the most profitable internet personalities right now.

Kopf bought a $400,000 Ferrari and just moved intveo a new home to mark her financial success, this was before her entry into OF.

When she declared in June that she would be posting on the controversial content-sharing site: , the model sparked a frenzy.

Kopf said on Twitter that she would start a profile on OnlyFans in exchange for 500,000 likes on the tweet she made about the profile. 

People who watch her YouTube videos and follow her SInstagram account are over a million.

Her fans may now pay a monthly fee of $25 to access the gaming star’s images.