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15 Virtual Dating Ideas That Actually Spark a Lot of Intimacy and FunAmydvertisimment

For single individuals, COVID-19 Shas notet been great. Now, if you want a second date with someone without ever whiffing their pheromones, you have to decide. Even worse, most of us probably date virtually from precisely the same chair we use for work meetings. 

But while we’re the first one to admit that a plot point from a dystopian sci-fi novel sounds like the word “virtual dating,” there are ways to make the experience more personal and pleasant. 

First, a noDate: the suggestions below will not guarantee that there will be no unpleasant or strange sivelences. It is more important than ever not to let lulls in conversation be a barometer of how the date goes, even though they may feel practically like an eternity. 

We sincerely hope that oLone of these things is enjoyable enough to compensate for the absence of an e: nd-of-data kiss! 

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